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       《马男波杰克第二季》我能听到别人听不到的My ears hear what others cannot hear.能看到别人看不到的 微小的遥远的东西Small,faraway things people cannot normally see are visible to me.这些感知是渴望了一生的结果These senses are the fruits of a lifetime of longing.渴望被拯救Longing to be rescued.渴望被补全To be completed.就像渴望被风吹起的裙摆Just as the skirk needs wind to billow...《斯托克》Murph: Today is my birthday. And it’s a special one because you once told me that when you came back, we might be the same age. Well, now I’m the same age that you were when you left… and it’d be really great if you came back soon.墨菲:今天是我的生日。海蒂 《海蒂和爷爷》If the lord is our shepherd, it looks like one of his lambs has lost his way,or maybe make that a black sheep. We bring nothing into the world , and we leave nothing behind . But that doesn't mean we don't leave a big ole mess when we go.如果上帝就是那放羊的 Shepherd ,看起来其中一只已经成了迷途羔羊,或是成为害群之黑羊。39、就让我们继续与生命的慷慨与繁华相爱;即使岁月以刻薄与荒芜相欺。11、安静旳藏好所有旳伤,然后微笑旳走掉。Like?12、人都太会伪装, 伪装到自己也不认识自己。什幺是正义,什幺是泯灭?或者当咒语消失,相爱的两人会发现…维持现状才是良策。

       你将如何继续下去?“爱情很糟糕,不仅很糟糕,还使人很痛苦,使人害怕,让你怀疑自我、批判自我。41、今天他对我说 等我写完作业我们再见面吧 我心里咯噔一下 我想 这大概就是所谓的永别吧。—跟我一起不幸福吗?身上的钢丝挂钩脱落,他重重摔在玻璃天棚上,头倒着向下滑去,滑行之间,还忍着腰酸背痛,顺手两枪撂倒剩下的两个警卫,然后在即将掉出楼外时,他抓住了楼顶边缘的铁管子。Buzz: You mean that happy child?”——「我的天才女友 第一季」很明显人类还处于一种盲目和随遇而安的状态中is so exposedto: the blind fury of destiny他们把自己托付给上帝耶稣或者圣灵that to entrust oneselfto the Holy Spirit, to God就相当于整个城市被地狱之火燃烧时我们还在收集和崇拜画像is the same thing as collectingtrading cards while the city burns6@1、执笔书写年华的那点事,不过你与我的相遇与残缺。14、麻烦你说一些负责的话。

       and that you're special豳然,你可剔列出哟精,And that, there are things you can point towards证哪是特别的,which'll show that you're special证哪是与众不同的,that shows that you're different但陈上,其那些事情都是毫无意义的,when, in all reality, those things dont matter.你也并不特别,你常平庸。看电影学英语:Be in the blackWall Street ( Time-stamp:84:56)Be in the black:Having positive net income; having greater income than expenses; making a profit. in other words, if your bank account is in credit, it is in the black. (有利润、盈余)E.G.1:Just twelve month after our purchase, we managed to get the company into the black.E.G.1:After the 11th september affair , the airline once was in the red , but recent years , they have tried their best to run and they are in the black now.Happily N'Ever After ( Time-stamp:09:38)Cinderella Man ( Time-stamp:89:32)看美剧学英语:Come in handySex and the city S03E16( Time-stamp :22:16)看美剧学英语:俚语表达“派上用场”Friends S06E12( Time-stamp :04:26)英文释义:1、be useful for a certain purpose (派上用场、迟早能用得上)2、one prone to premature ejaculation upon the first physical contact with their sex-partner.例句:John’s IT knowledge is second to none, which will come in very handy here as we battle away with our rather antiquated computers!14. Down on your marrowbones and pay .求饶祈祷吧!因为你等候起步的时间愈长,便愈不可能找到它。对于追求点击率的传媒而言,这倒是有意义的。Heidi: Thank you, thank you, thank you!9、你对我的话,我一直深信不疑,即使我知道下一秒我会从天堂堕入地狱。11、 有一个不在我身边却能让我微笑的人 真好12、 我不知道什幺是緈諨,但我知道我现在狠緈諨つ13、 我想和你手牵手,走完我们的下辈子。

       你有个妻子?想找到合适的人并不容易,无论自己的心境如何变化,那个人也会牵涉其中。不恶臭不行?2、我还在做梦以爲你会喜欢我,我的希望落空。25、你的确是天使下凡,不过是脸先着地的。16、滴不尽相思血泪抛红豆,开不完春柳春花满画楼。43、我这一生只有两个最重要的男人一个我爸一个你44、我这一生只有两个最重要的女人一个我妈一个你45、“媳妇,怎幺这幺早就给我打电话呀”46、“呀老公你真聪明我用我闺蜜的手机你都知道是我”47、是你的勇敢,突然就闯进了我的世界,我的世界一切都改变。You certainly won't learn it from an old fucker like me.Even if I did know,I wouldn't tell a pissant like you.你不能跟我这个糟老头学,就算我知道我也不告诉你。

       有了前车之鉴没人再把她的表演当回事儿了。13我努力了这幺多年,居然变成了我最恨的人。40、我多想画个圈,把自己关在里面,把一切挡在外面。—I don't know.With everything.I wake up in the morning and I feel like I have no purpose.And I'm 35.And if I don't make some change in my life,then this is how I'm gonna feel forever.—Well,I don't know what to say because I'm an old dog and I'm not gonna change.Do you know what I do while you're at work all day?50、我们的爱不像鼠标,不是随便一点就能被"复制"的。”6、“嗯……毛巾用久了可以当成抹布,而抹布再当回毛巾用是不是很别扭?12、哪怕追到天涯海角,哪怕耗到我退休为止,必须让真凶伏法。3、Leveling an accusation actually.事实上提出了指控。

       31. 趁着还爱还能拉着手不松开能陪你多走一步我绝不低头。15、有一种安静,叫做老师来了。或是女友?47、我们本来会牵手壹起走下去的,但是因为某人放弃了!39、每首悲伤旳歌曲都包含着每个人旳心情跟秘密。20、尘归尘,土归土,挥手告别二百五。16、滴不尽相思血泪抛红豆,开不完春柳春花满画楼。19、我爱你,我现在已可以随口而出。